Shadow Complex

Actually I picked this game up on Ken’s suggestion and am really glad I did. This game is more than good, you need to play this game.

The easiest way to describe this game to other gamers is to say it’s very reminiscent of Super Metroid. Current generation gaming (or laming if you read the last post) means this isn’t a 2D sprite based adventure though. This game uses the Unreal Engine and it looks very good for a $15 downloadable title or, for that matter, a full $60 adventure game. While the environments are all rendered in 3D, the playable character moves more or less in 2D within a room.

So what makes this game work? I would say it’s all the same things that made its predecessors so much fun. To me the exploration was a big part of it. Your character is essentially a regular guy who finds himself in an underground military complex. As he finds equipment like bombs, missiles, and other tools this allows him to explore areas previously unavailable to him. The other part I liked was the solid control scheme.

Anyways, I played the game from start to finish twice already for a total of 15 hours of gameplay and will probably play it through once more to see if I can get that minimalist achievement. Check out some gameplay videos or download the demo and give this thing a try.