The Number Two Headband - Afro Samurai

This game isn’t anything new, but I finally got a chance to play it. I had never seen the animated television series or read the manga before, but always enjoy samurai stories. As opposed to all the other samurai stories I’ve read or seen movies of, this had a strange mix of hip-hop voice acting and music, cell phones, rocket launchers, robots, ronin, and ninjas… but it all came together in an interesting and entertaining way.

As far as the game goes, I liked it quite a bit and would probably give it a 6 out of 10. I felt the best parts of it were the voice acting, the stylized graphics, the gallons of blood, and the soundtrack. The elements I didn’t like were the weak platforming, and how short the game was. I died more times missing a jump than doing anything else, which was a bit annoying - luckily there’s no real penalty. But fighting lots of enemies at a time… parrying attacks, throwing enemies, cutting them up, seeing blood splash everywhere was amazing. Another thing that struck me as a nice design was how the “life bar” was implemented. Characters would appear bloody as they get close to dying including Afro, no old school life bars.

After completing the main story mode it was fun to see the recorded statistics. I enjoyed seeing how many guys I killed, how many gallons of blood were spilled, how many enemies were split between the eyes. The other unlockable “treasures” include a soundtrack and concept art.

Overall, I would say this is a nice rental. Jump on and download the demo to your 360.