Why Are We Playing Black Ops?

Well, I am playing because my buddy list is playing this, and only one person will still play Street Fighter or MvC3. But I would rather play Borderlands, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect 2 again, or maybe even that Homefront game when it comes out.

After hearing about this game nonstop from friends and coworkers, and seeing everyone on my list playing it I decided to give it a try. Let me start by saying, yes, multiplayer is fun when you’re playing with friends or people you know. But, I have not found anything else remarkable about the game. The graphics, while ok, really just get the job done for a military shooter. It’s possible that this is designed for a more arcade feel (like Borderlands but with boring weapons), but it is missing some of the controls or mechanics I expected to see - there’s no peeking (I remember this as far back as Rogue Spear), there’s no cover system, there’s no AI, etc. The story for the campaign seemed a little disjointed, with missions having you play as different characters in different places and times.

So my question is this… why are so many people playing this, and why was anyone considering this for game of the year?