SSF4: Arcade Edition with WWE Brawlstick

Maybe it’s just me but “Arcade Edition” sounds funny for a version of Street Fighter. Either way, it’s my game of choice with EVO right around the corner. I’m excited to see what folks are doing with the changes and new characters. As for me, I’ve been playing with Abel and Rose mostly, but Yun is quite fun too.

I have been using a MadCatz fightpad since vanilla and it has served me well, but I’ve decided to start using a joystick exclusively. I have been wanting to buy a stick for a long time, but being a cheap-ass hasn’t served me in that regard. Last weekend I broke down and went to Gamestop, which is one of the circles of gamer Hell if you were wondering, and picked up a MadCatz WWE Brawlstick.

Aside from my girlfriend giving me hell about the design, my first impression was that the stick was very unresponsive, dashes weren’t coming out, and I would often miss my moves. That being said I did some looking around online and ordered some replacement parts. Installation could not be easier, imagine it like changing a DVD-ROM in a PC. I simply unscrewed the baseplate and interface cable and swapped them out. Buttons were even easier, all I had to do was disconnect the leads and pop the buttons out.

So far i feel this stick is very good, very responsive. I will continue to explore different configurations and layouts. What do you use in your stick? Bat top or ball top? Straight button layout or curved?

Stick: Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Buttons: Sanwa OBSF-30