OEmbed in Sitecore

Recently I’ve seen some interesting approaches to enabling rich content in a Sitecore CMS. Outdated embed codes, renderings, hardcoded gems for the wall-of-shame, javascript plugins of failure, you name it - I saw someone try it. I knew about OEmbed, and it makes sense… if anyone knows how to embed a Youtube video it’s Youtube. More importantly, not just Youtube, but a number of popular providers ranging from video and images to presentations and circuitry diagrams.

The idea is that this works on any .Net system, it just so happens that my immediate needs are in Sitecore. It’s all on Github, and a bit young still so pardon any mess.

Check out the modified Launch Sitecore demo screenshot below showing the video. Launch Sitecore with Video

To see how easy it is for you and your team to integrate rich content on your Sitecore site, check out the Sitecore OEmbed project.