LUA, Love2D and Pong

As a software developer who loves playing games, game development has always intrigued me. I have always thought that I could use some of what I already know to build the games that I imagine all the time. I would say that was maybe half true…

A coworker of mine, Chris, told me he has written Pong clones many times… so it seemed like a good starting point. Thinking about it, I had dabbled in XNA when it came out but never tried making a complete game. At that point I decided to write a Pong clone, and did some searching for an engine to get me started and I landed on Love2D. Love2D is a nice 2D game engine where games can be written in LUA. Personally I had never heard of or done anything in LUA, but I like learning new stuff so I gave it a try.

The language syntax is clean and simple, and the API is built around game development making the task a breeze. Ultimately I learned about the main game loop, handling user input, collision detection, computer AI, etc. To anyone interested in doing game development I think it’s an excellent starter project because it touches on a lot of basic ideas that are part of every game. In total the project took me about 4 hours including time to document my code, add sound effects, and test it out. The code is all in Github so I invite you to check it out.

What are your thoughts on Love2D or LUA development? Do you have a story about your first game development attempt? Let me know.