The Crate in the Ocean

I dreamt I was on a beach. I’m watching the water coming in and going out until the water freezes still, totally solid. I walk out, climbing the icy waves. I sort of slide my way until I see the ocean frozen flat in all directions as far as I can see. Below me, under the ice, I still see the jellyfish and others swimming around. Still bigger I see whales, but they’re pure white and swimming slowly in small families. I follow them until I find a boat frozen in the ocean.

I climb up into the boat and it’s strange. The boat is ancient, full of tired forgotten things. The deck is covered in handmade nets, its giant sails rolled up. It’s a giant boat and I make my into the cabin. There are wooden cups and plates, tools and knives rusted to dust almost. I even find a map. I head below deck into the cargo hold and find a single crate laid open.

I peer inside, but despite plenty of light coming in all I see is darkness inside the box. It’s as if the box is swallowing up the light, nothing can be seen. Quickly now, I grab a hammer and nail the crate shut again. I knew that this box should never have been open. I begin to push the box, and then it seemed like I’d pushed forever and the box wouldn’t budge. I feel a weary tiredness, and look at the crate again. This time I stand back from the box, stepping slowly away I make up my mind. I take a running start and throw myself at the box full force pushing it and pushing it until I get it up the ramp and off the deck.

I watch the box fall from the edge of the deck, and just as it hits the ice it instantly melts and the box sinks. I know that the box will sink to the bottom of the ocean. I feel the boat sway with the ocean again, and the sun warm on my arms… even the air is salty again. At last, just when I feel the world can be normal again my stomach aches… what had been in the box?! Had whatever was in there already been loosed upon the world? Had I done the right thing, or worse… Then, I wake up.