Killer Instinct / Xbox One First Impressions

So, I finally got my Xbox One (or XBONE) set up. While I have a couple of games, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse, I opted to let Killer Instinct be the first game I really sank my teeth into.

First Impression

First impression on purchasing the game… Why are there so many packs? Am I getting the best value? Did I get everything? I believe selling the game piecemeal like this was a terrible way to go. I would prefer to have a simple multi-player demo that included Jago, and then purchasing the main game for $40 gave me everything else. From there they can sell packs or addons later. This model triggers the “pay-to-win” flag in my head… so I’ll be thinking, “Did I buy the OP character? Did he buy the right addons so he’s unbeatable now?”


What the hell? Even Skullgirls had more characters than this. Did I just buy a demo?

Aside from that… the character designs seem to be quite good! Orchid and Thunder underwent some good changes. The paint streaming down Thunder’s face and chest makes him look that much more dangerous. Orchid’s new design is wearing shorts and reminds me of Lara Croft in a way, much better than the weird and unrealistic thong swimsuit version of the original.


This is only my first impression, but so far the mechanics seem pretty interesting. Combo breakers have been simplified a bit, instead of the motion you only need to hit the right set of buttons during a linker. Failing a combo breaker locks you out of breaking the rest of the combo allowing the other player to maximize damage and get a little flashy. The other elements like combo enders and white health seem good and makes players use the system to maximize damage. I haven’t gotten too deep, but Maximilian has covered it inside and out.


Sad to be playing this on a pad - what a weird feeling. Everything is very responsive, but I can’t get used to hitting the triggers and the thumb stick. I will have to report back on this once a couple other games come out and I have a stick.


I played online for one match and got bodied. What surprised me though was when the other player said “Xbox, upload clip — oh my bad, good game man, hehe”. My game death is being shared with his friends! Haha, that makes me pretty excited for this next generation.

Final Thoughts

For my first stop on XBONE, this is pretty cool. I am looking forward to playing more of this!