Katsucon 2014

Katsucon this year was quite fun. Even with all the snow in the area, everybody came out - the registration line took me over an hour! It was well worth it though to see all the people in cosplay, seeing the artist’s alley, and of course the dealer room. Attack on Titan’s surge in popularity meant seeing people dressed in identical Survey Corps uniforms in groups of 5, 10, 20 and more. I even got a chance to hear Lolita Dark live who sounded quite good even if I didn’t always understand what they were saying.

There were only a few downfalls in my opinion. The first was the dealer room where prices for the same item ranged from $45-$80 depending on the dealer. With online shopping and the popularity of video game and Japanese anime it is unreasonable to price gouge on this stuff - c’mon people! Still, I was able to find a lot of good deals. The second thing was the dubbed anime in the theatres… I got a chance to sit in on One Piece : Strong World, which is an anime I have been watching for over 10 years, but so much of the humor is lost in translation that it was really terrible. I actually walked out of the show!

zzyzzyy Prints

Probably the most stunning to me were the prints by zzyzzyy. The action captured in the Portal print really got my attention, and then when we started talking she showed me her original works which were even better. I think the “Tink the Pen” was very imaginative and the detail on “The Year of the Snake” was just out of this world. I highly recommend you check out her deviant art - http://zzyzzyy.deviantart.com/gallery/

Year of the Snake by zzyzzyy Tink the Pen by zzyzzyy Juggle by zzyzzyy Bioshock Infinite by zzyzzyy Portal by zzyzzyy

Steve Yurko Prints

Steve Yurko had a booth set up mostly featuring his fan art works. These include an electrifying Breaking Bad print and a One Piece print as Washington crossing the Delaware. He also had some comics I picked up… I’m hoping to read those later today! Check him out on his website - http://www.steveyurko.com/

Steve Yurko Art Steve Yurko - Breaking Bad Steve Yurko - One Piece

Other Cool Prints

Sadly I can’t remember who I got these prints from, I will check my bag in case I got their card. My favorite might be the one from Frozen, but the Luffy one is quite cool too.

Frozen Fan Art Luffy Fan Art Chrono Trigger Fan Art


Honestly I was looking for a Kuma or Trafalgar Law figure, but my favorite character has always been Zoro. This figure is quite detailed I think, notice the personality of the swords, scabbards, scars and musculature. Pretty awesome right?


I try not to buy DVDs anymore. If you’re going to pay money for a movie it might as well be BluRay, and if it’s common enough to stream I will do that. However, I found two particular movies that have been in my pirated DVD book for a while. Visitor Q - the heinous and unforgettable cluster fuck of a movie, and one of my favorites which I have seen multiple times Electric Dragon 80,000 Volts

That’s all I got loot wise. If anyone can identify those artists above that would be great! Who else went? What were your thoughts?