Update from Fatima

I recently sent a letter to Fatima with a few photos and greetings regarding her birthday and asking some simple questions like what she likes to eat and what she wants to do with her life. She said she wants to be a teacher one day, and to do it without pay. She seems like a grateful and sweet kid. I hope her dream comes true!


Dear Sir Patrick,

Hi… How are you today? Me, I’m fine. So very happy when I received your letter. Thank you for being my sponsor parents. My birthday celebration was fine - it is a simple celebration. My favorite color is red. My favorite foods are fried chicken, spaghetti, and chocolate. There was so many things. I want know to be a teacher someday because I want to help other children who are not going to school. I want to teach them without pay. So that I asked some help to finish my studies. Thank you very much sir Patrick.

Your sponsor child, Fatima

September, 2015

Year in review. ;P



She starts out in cursive, but towards the end switches to print, hehe. Nutrition Math sounds fun, and who doesn’t like Christmas? Anyway, I sent her photos of my sister’s daughter - my first niece!