What I Learned from the “My Lucky Stars” Live Commentary with 36 Cinema

Presented by the Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art in association with 36 Cinema. Watched with live commentary from Scott Adkins and Frank Djeng.

Great movie as always, and the commentary was super interesting.

Today I learned:

  • Jackie Chan has a big head.
  • Eric Tsang started as a stuntman.
  • Minibuses were/are a unique travel option in Hong Kong. They are often operated by folks from Chaochou and have a reputation for being connected with the Triad. “7-Eleven” was some kind of derogatory term for them, I’m not clear what it means exactly though.
  • Undercranking is a thing. It was used by Sammo and other directors of the period but needs to be done well for it to look good. More to learn on that.
  • The Lucky Stars movie series was started by Golden Harvest in response to a series being done by a competitor at the time
  • My Lucky Stars was released for Chinese New Year 1985 and was filmed during the winter of 1984 - hence the jackets they are wearing in the Japanese locations.
  • Filming on the sequel, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars, was already going on during filming of My Lucky Stars and it released just a few months later in summer 1985.
  • Supercop was the first Hong Kong film in decades to film with real sound.
  • Sibelle Hu did so well that they formed a new movie series called “The Inspector Wears Skirts” where she reprises her role as Madam Wu.
  • Only 3 of the actors dub their own voices in the film including Stanley Shui-Fan Fung and Richard Ng. Evidently the contracts of some Hong Kong actors at the time stipulated that they be the only ones who dub their own voice - they considered it part of their craft. Chow Yun-Fat was another actor of the time whose contracts required that he dub his own work.
  • Sammo Hung’s voice is dubbed by the actor who dubbed Doraemon’s voice in Cantonese at the time
  • Michiko Nishiwaki was a body builder and power lifter at the time

I probably heard and learned lots of other interesting bits, but that’s what i took special note of.