Hooptober 7.0 - Final Destination 3: Choose Your Fate

Hooptober 7.0 - Final Destination 3: Choose Your Fate

This film series has been quite enjoyable so far, for what it is. They do a really good job of creating suspense to the point where half the things that appear on screen may be what kills someone. The mystery of who, how, and when is what makes it exciting.

For this particular viewing, I indulged in the “Choose Your Fate” experience available on the 2-Disc Thrill Ride Edition DVD, thanks @switchblade1984 for the heads up on that. In retrospect, I probably should have watched the theatrical version first, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Signs this film is from the early 2000s:

  • Plot revolves around pictures taken with a digital camera.

I forgot my iPod.

If you ever have to come to my funeral, bring me a PSP.

My choices during this viewing were:

  • Choice 1 - Heads (Jason & Carrie die on rollercoaster)
  • Choice 2 - 76 degrees (Ashley & Ashlyn die at tanning salon)
  • Choice 3 - Honk again (Franky survives)
  • Choice 4 - Looked again (Lewis dies with head crushed)
  • Choice 5 - Warning shot at pigeons (Ian survives, Erin dies from nailgun)
  • Was Franky worth saving? Yes (9 minute video of Franky being a pervert)
  • Choice 6 - Jump right (Ian dies crushed)
  • Ending: Wendy, Julie her sister, Kevin, and Franky live

Oddly satisfying quote of the film:

Fuck you Ben Franklin.

Also, I love Mary Elizabeth Winstead ❤️.