Hooptober 8.0 - Dead & Buried

I enjoyed unraveling the mystery with the sherrif in the sleepy town of Potters’ Bluff. This one did a good job of hooking me in the first scene basically… which escalates one way, and then suddenly escalates a completely different way!

I found a few of the makeup & special effects scenes to be really satisfying, which can go a long way to smooth over some other silly elements. There is a scene with an eyeball at one point which started triggering my PTSD from seeing The Beyond the other day.

I found the coroner’s idea that dead people are better was kind of interesting, even if it’s not explored very much in the film itself. In fact, I think the benefits from not trying to invent and explain some kind of voodoo mumbo-jumbo reason for how he is able to do what he does keep it from going too far off the rails.