Hooptober 8.0 - The Beyond

Hooptober 8.0 - The Beyond

The abundance of eye trauma on display in this film really gave me the shivers. At first I thought maybe the team was just really having a good time with it, but now I’m thinking there is a theme with the eyes. I can’t say I fully understood what it is, but it made for some entertaining and memorable deaths.

That being said, not only does this one not shy away from onscreen violence and gore, they really take it to next level. I bet if I saw this on VHS or in lower fidelity I would not have been able to discern when the real ended and the prosthetics or movie magic started. It is definitely pretty awesome in that regard.

I can’t say I saw the final act coming, at all. Granted, the plot seems to take a backseat compared to the other creepy elements. I couldn’t help but wonder if this may have been the inspiration for Hideo Kojima’s concept of “The Beach” in Death Stranding.

Another thing I really liked were the weird and interesting characters. Everybody on screen has their own weird thing. Even characters that don’t otherwise serve the plot, like the bookshop owner, or the records office clerk contribute to the sense of uneasy weirdness. Very cool.

I can’t wait to see this one again.