How to Buy Kevin Smith's KillRoy Was Here

How to Buy Kevin Smith’s KillRoy Was Here

Like a few other creatives, including David Cronenberg, Kevin Smith has decided to make “KillRoy Was Here” an NFT. What’s really interesting is that NFT owners will own the IP of their specific KillRoy:

“When you buy the KillRoy NFT, you get exclusive access to the movie but more importantly, the specific version of KillRoy you get is YOUR KillRoy to do with whatever you want: Make your own movie, turn it into a cartoon, license him for lunchboxes! We started the story, now YOU get to continue it with your very own version of our titular character! And along with a brand new chapter I’ll shoot next year, the shorts and animation that the KillRoy NFT owners create with their own KillRoys will make up the bulk of our sequel anthology.” - Kevin Smith via Legendao on Medium

We are living through a transformation era for movies. We have a generation of folks that are used to streaming services as the norm, who very probably can’t imagine “paying” for movies. We have the COVID pandemic which annihilated moviegoing for quite a while. There are some folks going back, like myself, but it has been rocky. Releases in the theatre have been sporadic, some movies have been released multiple times in a short timespan, and others have been filling screens for months with no sign of anything else to replace it. Alongside all of that, we have been experiencing an explosive growth in the smaller creative space like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. There’s a lot of super smart and interesting discussion happening about all of it, which I am not exactly qualified to lead or participate in myself. I really just want to enjoy my time watching movies.



Where is the movie?

Getting information about this movie, aside from the few articles that copy-pasted the press release has been very difficult. There is a well-meaning, and concerted effort to minimize the impact of NFTs. In many ways I agree with this effort; we don’t want the film industry to start contributing to the destruction of the Earth. If NFTs take hold, then we’ll never be able to get rid of them.

To that end, the folks at TheMovieDB have decided to delist/remove NFT movies from the platform: source. I’m not really clear how removing basic metadata about movies that are linked to NFTs from their platform fulfills their mission as The Movie Database, or prevents movies from being minted as NFTs, but I understand the sentiment. Since TheMovieDB is the data source used by platforms like Letterboxd, it creates a disappearing effect for NFTs. I am interested if NFT movies will fall into a new category of lost media as platforms pop up and disappear quickly, but that is a discussion I’m far and away not qualified to have. Only time will tell anyway.

Buying the NFT

Unfortunately, the process of buying NFTs is convoluted and annoying. There is no centralized marketplace, no standard currency or cryptocurrency, and a lack of reliable information on the internet about it. That, coupled with the overwhelming amount of FUD surrounding crypto and NFTs, makes it difficult to figure out which creators, projects, and platforms you can trust, if any.

I am not fond of the damage crypto and NFTs are doing to the environment, to the GPU market, or the many ways it is used to hurt people financially. I am, however, a patron of the arts through many platforms like Kickstarter, Patreon, Gumroad, Twitch, and more. My desire to consume exactly the media and art that I want to, and support the creatives whose values align with my own is very important to me. Kevin Smith is one of those.

Steps To Purchase

So maybe you just want to buy the damn thing so you can watch it. That’s exactly where I was with the thing, justtakemymoney.gif amirite? Well, look no further, as I have put together simple steps for you. These steps assume you don’t have anything already set up for crypto or NFTs, so if that’s you, look no further. They were also written as someone residing in the USA, so if this stuff is illegal where you live, do not do it!

NOTE: the platform does NOT have a download option, so prepare to watch the 62 minutes of this flick in your web browser. If you can project movies from your laptop or your phone to the TV, that may make it a more enjoyable watch.

Without further ado, here are the step by step instructions on how to buy and watch the NFT movie “KillRoy Was Here” by Kevin Smith:

  1. Download the app for your phone - yes, the one that Matt Damon made commercials for.
    1. Create an account on your freshly downloaded app
    2. Complete the KYC (know your customer) steps in the app. These steps are to prove your identity, like submitting information about your driver’s license or ID card.
    3. Deposit $180. If you deposit from your bank, you will likely need to wait at least 7 business days for the funds to clear.
    4. Convert the $180 USD to $180 USDC. In the app you click “Buy Cryptocurrency” button and select “USD Coin”, etc. It’s all pretty straightforward. Note: This step is required to mint the NFT on the Legendao platform.
  2. Once you have your account, KYC complete, bank deposit cleared, and purchased your $180 USDC you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Navigate to the KillRoy Was Here website using your desktop/laptop computer. I used Google Chrome browser, but it may work in others.
  4. Click the big link in the top-right corner that says “Install Keplr Wallet”. This is a browser plugin that is required to pay and mint the NFT.
    1. Complete the steps to set up your wallet in the Keplr plugin
    2. Keep your passphrase safe, i.e., do not put it in the passwords.txt file you keep on your desktop 🙃
  5. Once your Keplr wallet is installed and configured you can finally mint your NFT!
  6. Navigate back to the KillRoy Was Here website. The top right should look a little different now showing your balances and such. If not, click “Connect Keplr Wallet” and get it connected - this is fairly straightforward.
  7. Finally, click the “Mint (180 sSCRT)” button on the KillRoy page
    1. A popup will appear to either mint with “$SSCRT” or “Crypto.COM PAY” - aren’t you glad we set up because only God knows what $SSCRT is.
    2. Click “Crypto.COM PAY” which will open a popup window
    3. Click “Crypto.COM APP” in the popup
    4. The pop up will show information about $180 payment, and more importantly a QR code
    5. Open the Crypto.COM app on your phone, click “Pay”, and scan the QR code
    6. Complete the purchase through the app
  8. Et voilà, after a few seconds, the KillRoy website will reflect your completed purchase. You will have a newly minted KillRoy NFT along with a button to watch the movie!
  9. Click “Watch KillRoy Was Here” and the video will open on the website and you can watch it as much as you want.

Final Thoughts

I plan to watch KillRoy Was Here soon with a good friend - I think that’s how Kevin’s movies are meant to be watched. Once I watch it I will post a review.