The Dogs

Tonight we checked out Alain Jessua’s “The Dogs” (1979). What an interesting flick, starring Victor Lanoux opposite a 30 year old Gérard Depardieu among others.

Early on it almost reads like a political allegory about fascism, with themes of racism and anti-immigrant sentiment and of course obedient yet vicious attack dogs. However, it seemed to focus on those fanatical about defending themselves, even to the detriment of their community and collective safety. I couldn’t help but see a certain parallel to the problem we have with guns in America. When the people defending themselves get fanatical about it, and condition themselves to escalate things, they soon turn into the aggressors.

I watched the Severin Films release which included an interview with Emmanuel Le Gagne which proved quite interesting. I am now especially interested in checking out Jessua’s Shock Treatment and Armageddon.