Mission: Killfast

Tonight turned into a Ted Mikels double feature thanks to Vinegar Syndrome. After finishing The Doll Squad I settled into Ted Mikels’ “Mission: Killfast” (1989)

Some weapons merchants got ahold of two nuclear detonators. This wouldn’t be bad by itself I guess, but some nukes sans detonators are already on the market which makes them very dangerous.

The US Government has no choice but to send in an elite strike team, hahaha just kidding! The US Government decides, for fear of an international incident, to appeal to world renowned martial artist Tiger Yang’s patriotism to handle the issue discreetly. Given the stakes, and the creative plan to solve the issue you’d think this has potential. Unfortunately I was pretty bored with it. It may be of interest to Tiger Yang completionists though.

On the Vinegar Syndrome BD, there’s an interview with Mikels in which he says the original first and last reels were stolen and he had to reshoot what he could almost a decade later to finish it. That’s really a shame. I wish we could have seen the original because it does sound like it has potential.