The Doll Squad

I continued to work through my pile from Vinegar Syndrome tonight with Ted Mikels’ “The Doll Squad” (1973)

A terrorist blows up a manned space shuttle (more than a decade before the Challenger disaster btw) that is part of a senator’s pet program. After a call from the President, the senator uses a supercomputer named Bertha to identify which of their agents is best to catch the terrorist. Lo and behold, it prints out “The Doll Squad”

What follows plays out like a pilot for a Charlie’s Angels knock off - only it came out years earlier! We’ve got Jelly explosives, altitude bombs, signal homers, lipstick things, and a ring loaded with highly compressed mace! The bad guys have silver discs implanted into their skulls and want to spread the bubonic plague! The doll squad kicks ass and even gets some time in the sun, a.k.a. in their bikinis.

This was more fun than not. I wonder if Mikels had the dough we’d live in a universe where The Doll Squad is a household name and not Charlie’s Angels. Oh well, we’ll never know.