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A Culture of Incompetence - Part 2

  • 1 min read

This is the second part in this series of blog posts. Like last time, I’m sorting through the things I’ve learned, what worked, what didn’t work. One thing that surprised me about working in this industry was how not just things like out of touch policies, but the lack of a basic understanding of what goes into software engineering and development that undermined the company’s goals.

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Update from Fatima

I recently sent a letter to Fatima with a few photos and greetings regarding her birthday and asking some simple questions like what she likes to eat and what she wants to do with her life. She said she wants to be a teacher one day, and to do it without pay. She seems like a grateful and sweet kid. I hope her dream comes true!

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A Culture of Incompetence - Part 1

  • 4 min read

As I transition now into a new job I’ve been reflecting about the people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned. I’ve met a lot of smart people, and also met a lot of terrible people.

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Wayward Pines

This weird and interesting series caught my attention when I saw the trailer. Matt Dillon looking beat up in a shady picturesque town. New television series don’t always pan out, but after watching the series premiere, I am intrigued. The truth seems to be buried under layers of time distortion, mental illness, government conspiracy, and God knows what else. I’ll definitely be looking at the next few episodes to see what’s happening… if for nothing else, Terrence Howard’s hilarious Sheriff Pope.

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A Walking Dead Fan Character

  • 2 min read

I had the idea for a character in the Walking Dead. The idea struck me while playing Dead Rising 2 again, and fighting the psychopaths. The psychopaths represent a normal person who snapped under the immense pressure of abnormal situations, they become detached from the full reality of the situation. My particular character is not quite a psychopath in that sense, but a strong character within the Walking Dead universe.

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My First Street Fighter Tournament

In high school I lived down the street from two brothers who were smart enough to invest early into a Playstation. They had the long box versions of all those early games: Ridge Racer, Street Fighter Alpha, Air Combat, Battle Arena Toshinden, etc. An early favorite of mine was Ridge Racer, but far and away the one we played the most was Street Fighter Alpha. I played it in the arcades of course, but sitting down next to someone and playing for hours was a sort of practice I hadn’t gotten since playing SF2 on the SNES. That’s when the brothers had the bright idea to host a tournament.

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194212-RXYU_20141030_235959_CGP Over the years I’ve been able to meet and correspond with people from all over the world thanks to the Internet. It began in middle and high school in the mid to late nineties when I would chat on IRC. Learning about different people and cultures has always interested me, especially at a time when I hated my own existence.

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EVO 2014

I had an opportunity to visit my first Evo tournament this year - Evo 2014. I’ve been watching streams, tournament footage, and playing Street Fighter for a long time, but had never gone to the big show. I’d also never been to Las Vegas before, so it was a real treat.

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DC ESports Street Fighter Tournament

I hadn’t tried going to any Street Fighter 4 tournaments before this past weekend. I went to the DC ESports event at Hard Times Cafe in Arlington and had a lot of fun. I even got to see my buddy Emile and his little bro there. Still, my thoughts at the time were that I was about to get murdered:

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Testing GeoLocation with Sitecore

Sitecore provides all the tools necessary to easily personalize based on GeoLocation using their partner MaxMind’s webservices. Not only can content authors easily set up personalization based on available GeoLocation data using the rules engine, the development team will be able to leverage the same data in any custom business logic. That being said, content authors, testers and developers need to be able to verify their work for different IP addresses and locations. This approach does not require special .Net code, custom pipeline processors or anything else that could complicate your solution.

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