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Katsucon 2014

Katsucon this year was quite fun. Even with all the snow in the area, everybody came out - the registration line took me over an hour! It was well worth it though to see all the people in cosplay, seeing the artist’s alley, and of course the dealer room. Attack on Titan’s surge in popularity meant seeing people dressed in identical Survey Corps uniforms in groups of 5, 10, 20 and more. I even got a chance to hear Lolita Dark live who sounded quite good even if I didn’t always understand what they were saying.

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Sitecore ItemRepeater

It’s funny how almost all the controls we end up building are a list of something. In Sitecore that means lists of Items! If you are doing WebForms you have become familiar with the <asp:Repeater /> control, and might have some solutions for binding FieldRenderer or <sc:Text /> controls. I’ve found that a custom Repeater control that binds child FieldControls (sc:Text, sc:Image, sc:Date, etc.) automatically has reduced my code and time spent slogging through all the controls necessary to build out a site.

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The Crate in the Ocean

I dreamt I was on a beach. I’m watching the water coming in and going out until the water freezes still, totally solid. I walk out, climbing the icy waves. I sort of slide my way until I see the ocean frozen flat in all directions as far as I can see. Below me, under the ice, I still see the jellyfish and others swimming around. Still bigger I see whales, but they’re pure white and swimming slowly in small families. I follow them until I find a boat frozen in the ocean.

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The Pillows

I haven’t been able to sleep properly the past few nights. The main problem was that I knew my pillows were attempting to swap places. I use two pillows to go to sleep: one is a down feather pillow, the other is a shitty normal pillow that should be sent to the fiery pits of hell. It was the second bastard pillow that kept swapping places or was otherwise instigating a positional swap with the down pillow, and it was this pillow that filled me with rage last night.

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LUA, Love2D and Pong

As a software developer who loves playing games, game development has always intrigued me. I have always thought that I could use some of what I already know to build the games that I imagine all the time. I would say that was maybe half true…

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