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What do you call a shooter?

When I first started getting into games shooters were side-scrolling titles like Gradius, R-Type, etc. I remember them being unforgiving in difficulty - developers were still used to making coin-munching arcade games so they didn’t have the difficulty drained out of them the way modern games do. Nowadays I hear people say all they play is shooters but what they mean are Call of Duty, Gears or War, or Medal of Honor - one of my favorite types of games has had it’s genre hijacked!

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SSF4: Arcade Edition with WWE Brawlstick

Maybe it’s just me but “Arcade Edition” sounds funny for a version of Street Fighter. Either way, it’s my game of choice with EVO right around the corner. I’m excited to see what folks are doing with the changes and new characters. As for me, I’ve been playing with Abel and Rose mostly, but Yun is quite fun too.

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National Cherry Blossom Festival

Even though I missed the beginning this was still quite interesting. My favorite part of the show was Take Dance, they did some type of interpretive dance… regardless, I was spellbound. I am looking forward to seeing the trees and their flowers up close this coming weekend.

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The Lobby is Boring

Dear Capcom,

You might look to SSF4 for some great online modes and features… spectate might be a nice one to add. Of course, team and tournament modes would be cool too, but would be more fun with spectate. I also miss the theatre, I learned a lot of good stuff there. The inclusion of reserve teams and the quick rematch option in player matches are nice additions - although kind of expected at this point. Overall I am enjoying the game, but am looking for more updates and support than 20 packs of DLC costumes. Actually, I am more looking forward to SSF4: AE.

Thanks, Patrick

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Why Are We Playing Black Ops?

Well, I am playing because my buddy list is playing this, and only one person will still play Street Fighter or MvC3. But I would rather play Borderlands, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect 2 again, or maybe even that Homefront game when it comes out.

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I think this will effect quite a few places around the gaming web… everywhere I looked this service was being used. Anyway, that also means that the My Gamercard JomSocial app is dead for the time being. I had something else I was working on for personally hosted custom gamercard images, so maybe there will be an update that includes both the JomSocial app and the Gamercard hosting. We will see.

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The One Who Is Many

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the DLC that’s been released for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. Having extra characters to play with is fun, yeah, but I’d rather have more bosses to kill, and more interesting equipment for the characters I’ve already been working on. That being said, Konami released the second add-on stage this week, “The One Who Is Many.” Fighting Legion with a team is fun, but expect to hear a few of your teammates death cries. Also, I’ve seen a new glyph for Shanoa, and a few new souls for Soma - the fish head is fun. Anyway, I’m optimistic about “Lord of the Flies” and hope Konami keeps updates regular for this fun game.

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A few days ago I got a request via email that went like this: “UR SITE NEEDS MOAR CUTE ANIMALS” So, here they are!

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